High Quality Timber Fencing

With over a decade of experience, we have been able to supply fencing solutions to our happy customers.

As with most fencing, there are several different types of timber fencing available. Our most popular choice of timber fencing for commercial fencing projects, particularly on housing estates tends to be solid fence panels. They are constructed and installed to ensure they can withstand extreme weather conditions and weight against them. This makes them a cost effective choice for our commercial customers.

Housing trends change frequently but we aim to remain up to date to offer the best to our customers. Decorative timber fencing is increasingly popular due to being visually pleasing, if you have an idea in mind we would be more than happy to discuss the possibility of the design. If you supply landscaping within your business then you can rest assured Firth Fencing is up to date with changing trends.

Timber fencing can be a versatile material to work with. It can be cut on-site by our expert installation team and maintained through further contracts. We also offer a repair service that can give you the reassurance that our team will support you and your timber fencing even after the job is completed.

Benefits of a Timber Fence

We are confident in taking on large scale timber fencing projects for ongoing contractors. At Firth Fencing we have a wealth of experience and appreciate that commercial sites are often on strict deadlines which we will happily adhere to for our clients.

Opting for a timber fence can be a low-cost but extremely beneficial addition to your property. Fencing has been known to improve security and provide a higher level of privacy from nosy neighbours and unwanted intruders.

Timber Fencing is a popular choice for properties due to the durability and affordability. Our timber fencing can be painted in a rainbow of colours to meet your customers taste or they can be left bare.