We have a dedicated commercial team within Firth Fencing who can explain our process and the options we can provide to you and your business.

Benefits of installing temporary hoarding to construction sites

There are a couple of material options to select – soft or hardwood hoarding. Softwood is generally a cheaper choice but both extremely sturdy and can be ethically sourced.

It is now the law to install fencing around construction sites to avoid unauthorised access to sites. We can design your temporary hoarding to allow for vehicle access and pedestrian access.

Our site hoardings can also be painted to a colour of your choice, it can be an opportunity to advertise within the local area. We can also use anti-climb paint to prevent intruders. You could also opt to have banners or posters pasted to the hoarding should you wish. By being visible it could also increase the ease of deliveries and contractors being able to locate your project.

Not only does temporary hoarding keep the public safe but it also reduces the ease for thieves to get onto the site. Our temporary hoarding also prevents people from being able to see what tools and materials are on site.

Alternative options for temporary hoarding

At Firth Fencing we can also provide temporary hoarding to events such as music festivals or village fairs. They can provide a secure environment whilst ensuring that intruders are less likely to be able to enter.

We can also install temporary hoarding around unsightly issues such as bin store areas. We can also add locks and gates to allow easy access within but ensuring a visually pleasing external image.