There are different types of mesh and link fencing but generally, they consist of steel wire strands that have been welded together.

Best Suited Locations

Due to their strong material and visibility, mesh and link fencing tend to be used for secured and enclosed spaces. High-security areas such as prisons usually opt for mesh and link fencing due to the visibility through the fence which is often needed. We have also installed mesh and link fences to residential areas, construction sites, and animal enclosures such as zoos.

Mesh and link fencing is available to both our commercial and residential customers. Our mesh and link fencing are suitable for most requirements and are an economical choice.

Would a mesh and link fence suit me?

There are a huge amount of beneficial reasons to choose a mesh and link fence. Mesh and link fencing is a more affordable choice due to the materials and durability. As the fence is made from steel they are difficult to damage, however, they are fairly uncomplicated to repair.

Our mesh and link fencing are usually plastic coated which also prevents rusting and requires very little maintenance from yourself. There are different varieties of mesh and link fencing available including different colour choices.

As a company Firth Fencing takes immense pride in all of our projects and wants to ensure a speedy and professional installation. Mesh and link fences are slighter quicker to install meaning your property or facility can remain safe and secure.