As a sport or recreational facility, you want to ensure as many people can safely enjoy your grounds. By opting to install fencing can protect your courts from unauthorised access as well as vandalism, which can often occur during the night when unoccupied. Fencing can also prevent people from walking in mid-game and becoming injured or disrupting a match.

Firth Fencing can provide bespoke fencing options including colours to match your clubs’ logo or simply to improve the visual aesthetic. We can also provide taller fencing options to try and keep wayward balls within the grounds. Not only will it save your clients time and frustration collecting their missing balls but it can also protect bystanders from injuries. 

Protecting your facilities

There aren’t many things that can ruin a game more than treading in animal feaces! Our fencing solutions not only protect the people using them but also keeps animals from damaging the grounds. 

Firth Fencing wants to enhance your business and its facilities. We know that having safe and visually pleasing sports or recreational facilities can encourage return customers. It would be our pleasure to support you through upgrading your fencing and a member of our dedicated team are ready to discuss your project.