Options available

Every school and educational facility is different, which is why we offer such a vast range of fencing options. Not all fencing needs to be dull muted colours, we can offer bright colours which will also enhance the first impression people can get when visiting or driving past.

If you are looking for fencing around sporting areas such as a tennis court or football pitch then we can offer some great options. We understand how frustrating it can be to chase missing footballs and tennis balls during a lesson which is something we can solve. We can offer taller fencing around courts as well as the option to colour coordinate with your company or local teams’ colours.

All of our fencing options at Firth Fencing are easy to maintain and guaranteed to be long-lasting. We want to support your school or facility in protecting your students and keeping them safe whilst there.

Importance of fencing

Having adequate fencing around the grounds of schools and educational facilities can also reassure parents that their children can’t get out during the day. We also want to protect our children from potential kidnappers as well as accidents that could happen. Suitable fencing can also make it more difficult for students that truant to have an easy escape from the grounds during the day.

If your school or educational facility is located near busy roads it can also protect students from wandering into the roads. If you are based near high traffic areas such as busy roads you may be interested in our cover from view fencing option which blocks external people from looking through the fences.