All of our fencing solutions are bespoke. Due to your industrial fencing often being the first visual advertisement for your company we take great pride in our work. We have dedicated expert teams who can assist you throughout any project.


There is a vast range of materials on offer to protect your business, assets, and property. An extremely popular option is Aluminium or Steel fences are becoming extremely popular choices due to their many benefits. Steel is particularly durable and strong against many external factors such as rioters, vandalism, and looters. These options will also be installed in a way to deter anyone from climbing your fences and constructed to make it very difficult to jump over.

Firth Fencing also understands how important and valuable your business assets can be. Without your machinery, vehicles, and tools you may not be able to function as a business. Choosing industrial fencing can be an economical and secure way to protect your business. 


Our industrial fencing solutions can also be made and designed bespoke to you, we appreciate that all businesses and customers are different with varying levels of requirements. We have worked all over the nation so our teams are competent and strive to achieve high-quality installations every single time. 

We provide a wide range of materials including steel, chain links, wood, and aluminum which we can discuss at length during your consultation. Our fencing can provide you a better level of protection and also deter potential criminals.